team & culture building

The first step to

success is to face reality.

Second step to success is to ask what needs to change and why. 


Why We Do It is a Leadership & Culture coaching company. We give deep and meaningful insight into the why behind people’s attitudes and actions. People differ in their behaviour and in their motivation. As much as the first one can be easy to spot, the latter isn't that straightforward. Motivation is the driving force of people's decisions, whether beneficial or damaging. 


We offer leaders an honest insight into themselves as well as into the people they manage. We bring courage to be real and to face and orchestrate inevitable conflicts as a powerful 

source of creativity and innovation. 


Building clear and bold visions is both satisfying and important for the organisations and beyond. 



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Gain clarity and

confidence today

At Why We Do It, we believe that the world  is in desperate need of people who have the desire and courage to be as authentic as possible. This means, people who are prepared to both see, and to face themselves as they really are, and in this, who are willing to work towards reaching their own greatness. 

Our mission is to enable formation of dynamic and trusting relationships between members of teams, and organisations on the whole, so we can drive success and fulfilment into peoples' lives. 

Our vision is for a world with compassion and care as its core, and to be part of a society that appreciates and embraces authenticity, openness and diversity. 


And This - is Why We do - What we do.

We value clarity of purpose and goals, courage to be who we authentically are and connection with ourselves and with others, all to allow continuous 



It's not what you've got, it's what you use that makes a difference.

We invite you to experience the profound value that comes from knowing about and understanding the core motivation that drives you, your team/s and your organisation. 


Learn how to use this knowledge to create your own real connection with and between your organisation’s members.   

Learn how to create the culture of possibility, tenacity and mutual respect.


We'll provide you with a platform for growth of self-awareness and self-understanding for yourself and for each individual within your organisation, which in return will bolster the leadership, employee engagement, and teamwork.







How to be truly successful

How to  act from purpose

How to grow, together


We focus on

developing people

Our programme focuses on assisting your growth, and the growth of your most precious and valuable asset: your people. 

People are central

to your company’s success

In order to kick start the process of developing high performing teams we facilitate, through various powerful techniques and tools these simple, but critical questions for you, your team/s and your organisation:

  • Who are we? 

  • Why do we do what we do? 

And then:

  • What are we actually capable of? 

  • How are we going to achieve this?


Each step that we take with you is an opportunity to unleash your own and your teams’ remarkable and real potential.


How do we work?


& Report

We provide you with a questionnaire from one of the world leading Enneagram resources. This questionnaire combines technology, scientific validity and research with transformational psychology. It provides results that are accurate, honest and significantly life-changing.

Your personal customised report, will provide you with:

1. Deep insight into your unique personality type, your motivations, instincts, defence mechanisms, blind-spots, triggers, communication and leadership style. 

2. Valuable recommendations & techniques in order to move forward on your personal journey of growth.



Our coaching sessions involve helping you through a deep personal exploration to understand and gain clarity into the different aspects of yourself:  your core personality type, motivations, strengths, blind-spots & triggers and how these are either helping or hindering your growth and personal success. These sessions are designed to enable you to take practical steps necessary towards the alignment of and healthy integration into of all these important and different aspects of yourself.


& Workshops

One of the most important aspects for team success is understanding the uniqueness and value of each member, and what vital contribution each member brings to the team. With the great demand for team agility, ability to cope with rapid change and the dire need for collaboration, the Enneagram offers insights into the team culture, the team values and barriers and challenges that need to be addressed.


Choose Why We Do It to partner with you in empowering and growing your team/s through the team workshops and coaching that we are specialised in for this purpose. 


The team

Joanna Stone

“Success comes from understanding ‘who we are’ and creating respectful environment where everyone has a space to grow, together.”

Kate Jordan

“When you become aware – your life changes.”



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